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Best known as a Buzzfeed producer and vlogger, Michelle Khare is a lifestyle enthusiast, actress and sometimes a stunt-woman. She is also a professional athlete who is not only a U-23 USA Criterium Cycling National Champion but also a BMW Happy Tooth pro cyclist.

From all the descriptions available, Michelle Khare is multi-talented and practically an extremist. Besides her sporting career, she is involved in various other endeavors as a Victoria’s Secret model, makeup artist, master chef, and a vocal artist. As a Youtube personality, Khare is most recognized for contents like the popular series Challenge Accepted, where wows her over one million subscribers with her intense superhero training, dieting and various other activities that also challenge viewers to experience alternative ways of life.

Michelle’s youtube contents are always smeared with different boundary-pushing challenges that include training with the U.S. Marine Corps and lots more and for her efforts, she was awarded the Shorty Award for 2017 Youtuber of the year. Here are some interesting facts to know about the multi-talented Youtube star.

Michelle Khare – Bio and Personal Profile (Age)

The American youtube star Michelle Khare was born in Shreveport Louisiana on August 10, 1992. Not so much has been revealed about Michelle’s childhood and early educational background, but she did give a hint of her experience while growing up. From childhood, she used to be bullied for belonging to a family of mixed race. After high school, Michelle Khare attended Dartmouth University where she got a degree in digital arts and media technology and graduated in 2012.

The youtube star went on to reveal that she was the very first member of her family to travel far away from their hometown to study and this affected her in such a way that she resulted to drinking and partying just to deal with her homesickness. When that did not do the trick, she switched lanes and got herself engaged in sports activities as a professional cyclist

After college, Michelle Khare interned at the DreamWorks Animation Team and for six years she worked with the company as its Brand Marketing intern. In 2013, she worked with Lionsgate where she took part in the production of the film, Snitch. Other motion pictures she has equally contributed to include a dark comedy movie titled Everyone Loves Bulldog and the 2017 television series, MK Ultra. In addition to that, Khare took part in some movies extras, standing in for Dwayne Johnson.

Khare joined Buzzfeed in October 2014 and was making a meaningful impact as the company’s producer. She was particularly famous for her work on segments around cycling, immigration, and extreme sports. The company also exposed her to the world of YouTube where she now enjoys an enviable income. She launched her own youtube channel, Michelle Khare and in less than two years the channel became famous with subscribers to her channel getting to over 1. 3 million with views of over 75 million. Following the success of the channel, she launched her second channel, Helmet Head which is fast increasing in subscriber base.

Khare’s successful youtube career is also attributed to contents like Challenge Accepted, which contains her various extreme training that includes stunt, beauty pageants, skiing, and voice-over acting. She was initially doing these to add some skills to her resume but after hitting one million subscribers, she decided to focus on the business by engaging in more training. One of the biggest and mentally tough training she has undergone so far was with the U.S. Marines, especially when going through the confidence course obstacles. Michelle Khare’s net worth is estimated at $2 million.

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Baseball players are in their numbers but only a few rise to the echelon of true champions with their names becoming almost synonymous with America’s beloved sports. This Cuban-born MLB player, Yasiel Puig is one out of the lots. He hit his fans with so much delight in his rookie year with each swing of his bat which established him as a force to reckon with in the game. A right fielder for the Los Angeles Dodgers, he became known for his volatile style of play which earned him the nickname “The Wild Horse.”

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Chance Sutton is an internet personality with a large following on YouTube, Vine, Instagram, and other social media platforms. The young man spends time on his YouTube channel entertaining his fans with his creative videos and other funny contents. Sutton is best known as the best friend of popular YouTuber,Ireland Boys. The two share a channel together and have been banding together for many years.

Like most of his contemporaries, Chance earned his popularity during his days on Vine. Though the social media platform has since been shut down, Sutton’s online relevance has never dwindled neither has his star gone dim. Get to know more about his bio, age, height, girlfriend, and other facts here.

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If there is anyone who can get missing on the football pitch, it can never be Peter Crouch. This is thanks to the fact that he is an excellent player and he has it as far as height is concerned. Crouch played in the English premier league for Stoke City until the end of the 2017/2018 season when the club was relegated to the championships. He also played for the England national team.

Peter Crouch Biography

It was on 30 January 1981 that the footballer was born as Peter James Crouch in Macclesfield, Cheshire. Shortly after his birth, his family relocated to Singapore where they stayed for the next three years before heading back to home.

Like many football players that you know, Crouch grew up loving football and he followed his father to watch Chelsea FC games as his father was a Chelsea supporter.

For his education, he first went to the Roxeth Primary and then later, he went to North Ealing Primary. He went on to have his high school education at Drayton Manor High School. But then, it was his footballing career that made him famous.

Football Career

1991 saw the lanky footballer begin his youth career when he trained with Brentford until the end of 1993, after which he moved to Queens Park Rangers where he remained for a year. His youth career would continue at Tottenham Hotspur until 1998.

Peter Crouch gained promotion in 1998 to play for Tottenham, kick-starting his senior team career. Unfortunately, he didn’t get to have any significant playing time but only got sent out on loan to a couple of clubs. Queens Park Rangers signed him in 2001, only to release him to Portsmouth a year later, and from there, he moved to Aston Villa in 2002, remaining there until 2004 when he moved to Southampton.

A season later, Crouch made a move that would have a huge impact on his career when he signed for Liverpool. 85 games and 22 goals later, he returned to Portsmouth in 2008 only to jet out again, only after a season, back to Tottenham Hotspur where it all began for him. Two seasons down the line, the had played in 73 games and had netted in 12 goals before moving to Stoke City with which he remained with until the end of the 2017/2018 season when the team was relegated.  A season before that, he was linked to Chelsea FC, but he decided not to make the move.

Looking at his club footballing career, Peter Crouch won the FA Cup in 2006 as well as the Community Shield with Liverpool He emerged as a runner-up for the UEFA Champions League in 2007.

He first appeared for England in the under-21 level in 2002, before playing for the England B team in 2006. The 6” 7 footballer began playing for the Three Lions in 2005. 5 years later, he had appeared in 42 games, scoring 22 goals in the process before finally retiring.

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Young Lyric otherwise known as the hip-hop princess is an American hip-hop artist, songwriter, and YouTube star who gained a massive following after uploading some of her songs on YouTube. The talented singer started making music when she was 7 and she released her first studio album in 2015. Although she is yet to make it big in her career, her exceptional songwriting and rapping skills has made her fans favorite. According to her, she draws her inspiration from notable hip-hop stars including Ireland Boys. Learn more about Young Lyric’s bio, career, family and other facts below.

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Carolyn Maxwell is a veteran actress and businesswoman who rose to immense popularity through her fashion business. Besides her personal achievements, the actress is also known as the second wife of iconic entertainment mogul, Orson Bean. Maxwell developed a penchant for acting from childhood and many years later, when an opportunity to act came across her way, she didn’t waste time to grab it with both hands.

Although Carolyn began her career as an actress, she only starred in a handful of productions as she devoted much of her time to her fashion business, which eventually brought her to the limelight. Learn all the facts about the actress in this post.

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Jack of all trades is not a moniker many people like to be known for as the preceding line denotes that such a person has no mastery of any of the things they do, but in the case of Stacy Keibler, this statement fails. Keibler is a renowned wrestler, model, cheerleader, dancer, and actress. Some of these careers are interconnected and this may have aided her mastery of more than one of these skills. To learn more about how Stacy Kiebler has managed to navigate these different fields and successfully do so, read on!

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